Monday, December 22, 2014

Creating Personal Responsibility On Your Team

Creating Personal Responsibility On Your Team by Jonah Engler

If you want to achieve any success as an entrepreneur at any age you need a team backing you that you can trust. They need to be good at their jobs, great at rolling with the punches and able to think on their feet – without you there to help them make that decision. That’s huge. Leadership is not about getting your own house in order and just being a tremendous example and inspiration to others. Yes, YOU need to get things done, but you need to do so in a way that encourages and empowers other people to get things done as well.

This is not just getting out of the way and raising expectations. This is about making a conscious and purposed effort to inspire others at every interaction. When you interact with members of your success pipeline, you need to both connect and inspire. Not just in order to get them to do what you need to them to do, but to inspire them to exceed their own assumed potential in order to take your business to heights it may not otherwise reach. See, here’s the thing. When people surprise themselves, they get addicted to that feeling of home run success. They stop being afraid to fail and begin to make surpassing expectations a habit.

However, too many supervisors and business owners believe that threatening, demeaning and pushing their team members will get more out of them. Instead, this behavior creates fear, which is the death knell of creativity and innovation. Simply put, you get less out of people when they are afraid to fail. You get more when the fear is gone and their brains are humming at full capacity.

Which type of team do you want to build?

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