Thursday, February 5, 2015

Extending the Life of a Public Presentation

Jonah Engler - Extending the Life of a Public Presentation

When you are giving public presentations in any capacity, it is hard to make these presentations last past the original. You often give the presentation and the presentation will not last. However, you can use some online resources to make that presentation last. When you are prolonging the life of the presentation, you will be able to make yourself into an authority in your industry with the help of your use of the Internet.

Post It Online

You can use a presentation posting company like Slideshare that will allow you list your presentation for free. You can link to the presentation, and people will be able to read it whenever they want. You will have a byline on the project, and you can even add links to your website or business.

Post It To Social Media

You can post the link to your presentation online, or you can post snippets from the presentation on your social media pages. When you are putting out small parts of your presentations online, you will be able to leverage small parts of the presentation to make yourself into an online authority.

Posting to social media allows you more than a chance to link to your presentation. You will be able to post videos of your presentation to social media sites where people can watch them right there. You can also create a page based solely on your presentation where you can expound on what you talked about in your presentation. You have a chance to create a whole world that is based on the presentation you gave.

Post A Slideshow

You could use a slideshow of pictures from your presentation to your social media pages. People can look over these pictures and ask questions about your presentation based on these pictures. You can get a conversation started with the slideshow, and people can comment or question you under the pictures. You will be able to share your knowledge, and you are creating a new platform where you can be an industry expert on your given topic.

You have every opportunity to change the way that you are perceived in your industry with these presentations. You can change the way that you are viewed in the industry, and you can make these presentations last much longer when you use your online presence. The use of social media and Internet presence can make your presentations last quite a long time.

Jonah Engler is a successful entrepreneur, investor, franchise owner and coffee lover who hails from New York City.

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