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How to Successfully Staff a Company - Tips by Jonah Engler

Successfully Staff a Company - Jonah Engler

Recruitment and staffing are critical keys to success for any company. This is because the quality of a workforce determines the quality of a company. Therefore, staffing tasks and decisions will need to be made in an accurate and a timely manner. Below explains how to successfully staff a company.


First, verify the position duties, job description and skills and experienced needed through management. HR personnel need to know the critical key competencies for the specific position. Doing so will allow HR personnel to determine the ideal recruiting target based on company needs and the specific job. Formulate the job posting and determine the job positing source (internal, external or both).


For an internal position, have supervisors inform employees of the position. Provide the job description, deadline and an explanation of the hiring process. For an external position, internally advertise with employees because this is an excellent way to quickly find reliable new hires. Offer an incentive to employees if their potential job applicant is hired.

Post the job ad through popular job search websites such as, and Local newspapers are also an excellent idea, but do not offer the flexibility, exposure and pricing advantages of online websites. Recruiting through local job fairs or colleges is also an option. Be sure to require job applicants to fill out a job application and not just send in a resume. Doing so allows HR personnel to see if the applicants can follow directions and completely and accurately communicate through writing.


HR personnel will be bombarded with applications, most of which will be either unqualified or overqualified. Review resumes based on the key competencies. A majority of the recruitment time is spent during the screening stage reviewing resumes, job applications and screening applicants. It costs between two to three thousand dollars to hire a new employee. Therefore, HR personnel need to use a minimalist, yet effective approach to save time and money.

Contact the final candidates directly through a quick and informal phone interview. This will reduce the amount of unqualified applicants coming to the company for a face-to-face interview. Schedule at least 8-10 candidates per day for interviews because some will be a no show or have little to say during the interview. HR personnel can provide initial interviews using a grading criteria. Review the results with management and the few final candidates can be called for second interviews with the HR personnel and manager who will be supervising them.

The final step of the recruitment process is evaluation and control. That is, review recruitment time and costs incurred during all the stages. Use this to adjust the recruitment process. Overall, the first three steps (Planning, Post, Screening) are the heart of any staffing process. HR personnel can save the company time and money through using the practical techniques explained above to efficiently and quickly hire personnel.

Jonah Engler is a finance expert and business owner from New York City.

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