Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Pinteresting News: Say Hello to Smart Boards

Pinteresting by Jonah Engler

The online social media sharing platform Pinterest has launched the Smart Board, a feature that recommends images to users based on a proprietary algorithm. A user's Smart Board contains both suggested content and pins from friends and followers. The Smart Feed shows images that may interest the user based on their previous pins and is accessible to registered users when they enter the website.

The Smart Feed algorithm uses data such as the quality of the pin's source and the quality interaction of the pin (characterized by likes, repins, and comments) to make recommendations to users. Pinterest also assigns each pin a quality rating based on a variety of factors including the popularity of the pin, the reliability of source content, and the performance of similar pins. When a pin appears in the Smart Feed, it has been optimized for the user according to Pinterest's content generator. The content generator offers suggestions for Smart Board pinning and quick pins.

The introduction of the Smart Feed has changed the way that that Pinterest displays top pins. Previously, pins appeared according to when they were pinned by friends and followers. With Pinterest's Smart Boards, images will be posted with the tag "Picked for You." The placement of the pins on the Smart Feed are determined by the algorithm.

Ben Silbermann, chief executive officer and co-founder of Pinterest, notes that the company has moved away from the real-time news feed model used by other social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. The Smart Feed allows users to find content tailored to their interests instead of only displaying recent pins from friends.

Pinterest offers information on how they determine 'best pins,' which are the most popular and most frequently pinned content on the website. These can be displayed by choosing the Popular feed in the search options. Such pins often contain high-quality images and an informative description of the content. Some of the most popular pins contain keywords and hashtags to make searching easier for users. Since Pinterest places an emphasis on being a social media sharing website, sharing pins among friends and followers is important for content generation.

The more friends and followers a user has, the more likely that their most popular pins will appear on their followers' Smart Boards. Having a large number of followers can help pinners increase views, likes, and repins of their content while helping Pinterest curate pins for their Smart Boards.

Jonah Engler is a finance expert from NYC who embraces social media and technology.

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