Friday, April 3, 2015

Why Amazon’s Dash Debut Before April Fool’s Was Clever

Jonah Engler - Amazon’s Dash Debut Before April Fool

Amazon has just unveiled some futuristic technology, and their innovative invention was presented in an ingenious fashion! Customers should be prepared for a trip to "The Jetsons" that will change their lives forever.

It all started a couple of days ago when the company boldly showed off an unexpected service to the world. This special product was dubbed Amazon Dash, and it promised to transform how people keep their household necessities in stock.

Basically, any Amazon Prime member may request adhesive buttons. These little gadgets can be planted in any convenient area of the house, and they are purposefully designed to covertly fit within closets and pantries. Whenever an essential item starts running out, a new order can be sent with a single press of the button.

These devices are equipped to send signals directly to Amazon headquarters. The buttons are often labeled with different brands, so consumers know exactly what they are ordering every time. This revolutionary product eliminates the need for mobile devices and computers during ordering.

The only element of this scheme that is more brilliant than the product itself is the way that Amazon announced the offering. They first made waves with the nifty gadget right before April 1st. Naturally, customers instantly assumed that Amazon Dash was too good to be true. The immediate consensus was that Amazon had simply unleashed a classic April Fool's Joke.

By saving the press release until April Fool's Day, Amazon started a viral conversation early. This generated hype faster than any kind of announcement could have possibly accomplished! Everyone is talking about the fundamental cultural shifts that will take place as a result of this newly enshrined convenience. One of the most common social media terms for this phenomenon is "Jetsonesque," which shrewdly references Hanna Barbara's animated comedy from the 1960s.

Before Amazon utilized April Fool's Day in such a clever fashion, the holiday was wasted by little pranks and publicity stunts. No one has ever taken advantage of April 1st in such a crafty fashion. The key to their marketing success was reverse psychology. In the end, the only joke was that there wasn't a joke! Chatter is guaranteed, so Amazon wins big in terms of press coverage. The holiday may be all fun and games for some, but this company just showed that April Fool's jokes are no laughing matter; instead, they can be turned into a core principle of economic success.

Other brands are sure to follow suit. We can probably expect this to become a yearly tradition. Radical offerings are likely to be flaunted on April Fool's Day from here on out. Based on timing alone, consumers will think that the innovations are outright impossible creations of fiction. As such, they will be shocked and impressed when they realize the advancements are real. At least, this is what happened with the newest Amazon Prime feature.

Disbelief is an excellent ingredient to incorporate into a masterful marketing approach. Everyone should take a page from Amazon's book, and they can start by reserving their innovations until next April 1st!

Jonah Engler is a successful entrepreneur, investor, franchise owner and coffee lover who hails from New York City.

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