Thursday, May 7, 2015

Facebook Testing New Notifications Platform

Facebook Notifications - Jonah Engler

Although Facebook is in the middle of multivariate testing for its notifications, it seems as though the company will move towards this new platform in the near future. According to insiders at the company, Facebook is attempting to make its notifications less annoying following feedback from many users that they would rather eliminate notifications completely then continue on the current system.

The annoyances have been especially prevalent on the mobile platform, where each Facebook notification results in a loud beep or system sound that can actually cut off sounds in other applications. In some cases, the volume of these notification beeps cannot be attenuated in any way. This has resulted in many people completely turning off Facebook on their iPhones and Android devices.

There are many changes that Facebook is testing. The first change is reducing and streamlining the types of notifications that users receive. Users are now able to limit the notifications with far more control than ever before. This is also resulting in a new monetization opportunity for Facebook - many companies are bribing Facebook as well as Facebook users with coupons and other niceties in order to keep their name on the whitelist that cannot be blocked.

Facebook is also testing a different kind of notification feature that will not limit the company's ability to notify customers - it will rather limit the customers that can receive the message. This has the ability to be quite the annoyance to retailers and ad buyers. Many of them will not know that their reach has been limited until it is too late. This is a program that will likely not go through because of the stink that retailers are sure to raise.

Twitter and Amazon are following suit with a new notifications platform of their own, both of which threaten to outpace Facebook in terms of usability. Facebook will need to test its new platform rather quickly if it plans to keep up with its competition.

With both of the platforms now being rotated in and out, it remains to be seen which of them will be used. If the history of Facebook is to be considered, then the program that is most profitable to the advertising retailers will likely be the program that is used. The users that are on Facebook will most likely be considered as a secondary population when the new platform is rolled out on the world.

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