Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Top Tech Trends of 2015

 Top Tech Trends - Jonah Engler

Since 2015 reached the halfway mark, many top tech trends have developed. This forces businesses to adapt as quickly as possible to new tech trends to optimize their marketing initiatives and infrastructure.

Data Scientists

Data scientists are in high demand for all industries. Their role in the marketing department is considered crucial since marketing leaders can develop closer customer relationships and run very profitable campaigns, all from actionable data produced by data scientists. There are a combination of applied techniques used to interpret data correctly: statistics, math, business skills and computer science. Finding professionals who excel at problem solving using these techniques and who are also fluent in multiple programming languages when interpreting tons of data is extremely rare.

Mobile apps

More mobile apps for marketing will be used throughout 2015 and beyond. Apps are unique tools used to serve important functions for consumers who live, sleep and breathe via their mobile device. As a result, marketers can control how they engage mobile consumers, whether it's through messaging, location or photo-sharing.

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is one of the most popular trends in 2015 as consumers look for more convenient, practical ways to do everyday tasks. Wearable technology is not just for the casual consumer, however. Now wearable products have extended to the workforce as a mode to keep employees more connected, more efficient and more productive.

WiFi Enabled Appliances

Aside from the wide range of Wi-Fi connected machinery and gadgets available on the market, More Wi-Fi-connected appliances are popping onto the 2015 scene as more consumers turn to the Internet to manage and complete daily tasks. In the future, smart homes will become standard due to the availability of wireless networks. Common household appliances that are being developed or upgraded with Wi-Fi connectivity include, washing machines and dryers, home cooking devices, coffee machines, refrigerators, thermostats, light switches, purification systems, home security systems, garage openers and vacuum cleaners.

Cloud Computing

The limitations associated with traditional software and hardware licensing models has been greatly lifted with the introduction of cloud computing. Over the past two years, cloud computing has become a top tech trend that has influenced how businesses acquire or deliver IT services. Since cloud computing continues to expand and change at an unbelievably fast pace, it has the potential to impact how users access applications, information and business services. Due to its security uncertainty, level of impact, and shifting capabilities and demands, cloud computing is one of the most valuable technology trends that needs to be continuously addressed.

Jonah Engler is a financial expert from New York City who embraces social media and technology.

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