Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Biggest Inventions in Mobile Entrepreneurship

 Mobile Entrepreneur by Jonah Engler

As the business world has evolved thanks to technology, more and more entrepreneurs are taking advantage of it to run their businesses much more efficiently. Smartphones, tablets, apps and more have combined to give entrepreneurs options they never thought possible. For most people who are self-employed, finding enough hours in their day poses a huge challenge. But thanks to some of today's most innovative mobile entrepreneurship inventions, it's now possible to feel as if you've got 48 hours in which to get everything done.

Zirtual Jonah Engler

If it's a personal assistant you need for your business, look no further than Zirtual. Able to do such tasks as schedule meetings, make travel arrangements, locate contact information for a client and more, this app is every businessperson's dream. Setting up an account is very easy, and the early returns on Zirtual indicate it's one personal assistant who may deserve a raise.

CamCard Jonah Engler


For almost any business owner, business cards are a way of life. Not only do you spend time handing out your own, but you are also on the receiving end of what sometimes seem like an endless supply of cards. Whether it's attending a trade show or conducting day-to-day business, one app that has solved the problem of accumulating large stacks of business cards is CamCard. By installing it on your smartphone, all that's needed is to take a picture of a card you're being presented with. Once this is done, it can read the card's data in 16 different languages and have the data aligned with whatever other mobile devices you choose. And to make sure the card's contact information does not become out of date, it is updated automatically whenever the person joins a new company or gets a new phone number.

Jonah Engler RayGo

Straight out of science-fiction comes RayGo, which solves the long-standing problem of texting while driving. By clamping this black and yellow gadget to your steering wheel and pairing it up with Bluetooth technology from your vehicle, you can press various buttons on it to scroll through messages, send messages and give voice commands. And as an added safety feature, it will deactivate itself when you are driving too fast or moving through a turn, making sure you are not distracted.

As more people choose to pursue self-employment rather than work for others, these and many other devices will be in high demand in the years ahead.

Jonah Engler is an entrepreneur from NYC.

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