Thursday, July 2, 2015

Why It’s Important to Take Part in Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday by Jonah ENgler

Small Business Saturday is relatively new, offering customers a new way to shop at their local stores. Everyone knows what Black Friday is, which is when shoppers arrive at their favorite retail outlets bright and early the day after Thanksgiving. Cyber Monday was also implemented, which occurs during the Monday after Thanksgiving and is all done with online stores. There is now Small Business Saturday, which encourages people to shop sales at their local businesses on the Saturday following Thanksgiving. Here are some important reasons for you to participate.

You Can Provide Job Security

Your employees count on you to remain busy during all the times of the year. While you probably do pretty good near the holidays, you can do even better if you participate in Small Business Saturday. It gives you the option to offer more job stability for your employees and offer your current employees some extended hours during the holidays. You can also hire temporary workers to handle the rush on Saturday, which helps those people earn some extra cash as well.

It Helps the Local Economy

Not only will your own business be doing better financially if you participate in Small Business Saturday, but nearby businesses will as well. Locals will be enticed by the fact that you have special clearances on Saturday, which will bring them to your store. If you are close to other shops and businesses, you can help them get some business, even if they aren’t doing a Small Business Saturday promotion. As a small local business, it is your job to help with the local economy. You work together as a community, as this is a great way to encourage other businesses to participate as well.

You May Get Repeat Business

Clearance sales often bring in new customers, who may then enjoy your products so much, they come back even after the holidays are over. Small Business Saturday is becoming bigger every year, so you can get a lot of new business. You may find that the brand new customer you saw on Saturday comes back the following weekend to pick up more things for the rest of their holiday shopping list.

People Get More Family Time

When you open for Small Business Saturday, you will most likely not offer extended hours between Thanksgiving and the day after. You can help your employees work regular hours during this time, you get more time with your own family, and you discourage your customers from trying to leave their family late on Thanksgiving night to stand in line for shopping.

Jonah Engler is a financial expert from NYC with a background in real estate and entrepreneurship.

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