Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Mobile Entrepreneurship for Millennials

 Jonah Engler on Entrepreneurship

Millenials are more familiar with technology than any other generation, and every millennial must be familiar with the technologies that bring them closer to opportunities. Entrepreneurship requires a good bit of networking, and mobile networking is much easier than any other form of communication. The mobile phone in the hand of a millennial is a powerful tool for every career and business.

#1: Meeting New People

Meeting new people is so much easier when you have a mobile phone in your hand. There are several different apps you can use to meet people in your industry or in your area, and you may download all those apps to meet as many people as possible. There are job seeker apps that will help you find new positions, and you will discover new jobs through your phone. All the different apps you use will bring you one step closer to finding better jobs and contacts.

#2: Instant Marketing

You may stand at the middle of your own business with exciting new products or services. You may use your mobile to share your new discoveries with your friends or colleagues. Sharing your new products and services with specific people helps your business succeed, and you are blessing certain people with a first glimpse at the things you are most proud of. Do not put down your phone when you have something exciting to share, and there are many apps you can use to share your excitement.

#3: Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing can be managed directly from your phone. You are free to check the dashboard for your marketing campaign, and you may send messages to the people managing your marketing. You have all the tools to manage your business on your phone, and you are not weighed down by the laptop or table that you used to carry. Mobile marketing is easy to control when you put all the proper apps on your phone.

Millenials are attached to their phones, and the cell phones that millennials use can control whole enterprises. You are free to download apps that help you network with new people, meet employers or find new jobs. Each app will give you an alert when you meet someone, and you will find people that you would not have met otherwise. You have the power of the world at your fingertips when you are using your cell phone, and the technology is there to change the course of your career.

Jonah Engler is a financial expert from NYC.

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