Monday, October 12, 2015

Amazon Once Again Attacks Big Data

Amazong Big Data Jonah Engler

Amazon has been flirting with Big Data for some time now, but the online retail giant recently made a huge move in the direction of data science. According to various media reports, Amazon Web Services is launching an “aggressive cloud data analytics tool.” Industry watchdogs are already calling it “the most aggressive to date.” The idea behind the project, called QuickSight, is an effort to make data analytics accessible to employees at every level of the organization. Amazon is promising customers better tools that will “enable AWS customers to leverage insights from data analytics across their organizations.”

"More and more companies want to allow their less-technical employees to also get insights from that data and their choices today in a lot of the older-guard business intelligence services are ones that are very expensive, very proprietary and very hard to use," said Andy Jassy, senior vice president of Amazon Web Services. "As customers are storing more and more of their data in data stores in AWS, what they've really asked us to do is to make it easy to have a business intelligence capability that integrates with those data stores and also allows them to move more quickly and have their less-technical users get insights from that data."

Without getting into the pros and cons of this launch, one thing is imminently clear, the real trend and pacesetter in multiple consumer industries has declared cloud computing to be absolutely vital to the future of the market.

While some companies still wonder whether or not Big Data is here to stay, Amazon is already listening to its customers and creating customized interfaces based on consumer feedback.

Speaking of feedback, others in the data science industry are keeping a close eye on Amazon’s QuickSight. One of these is Troy Otillio, Intuit director, public cloud. Otillio said, in a press release, “We think this service is going to challenge the status quo. It appears to be intuitive to our business users, particularly those in marketing who need an easy-to-use tool with superfast performance. Plus, the ability to scale to very large data sets and many thousands of users with push-button ease is attractive to us."

Reading that, you can’t help but wonder if the doubters are paying any attention to how the market is responding to Big Data. When massive players like Intuit and Amazon are investing heavily in the future of Big Data, analytics and cloud computing, it seems reasonable to accept the market will move in that direction … no matter what anyone thinks.

Better still, for early adopters of Big Data’s business advantages, much of the heavy lifting has already been done. Big Data has proven effective across multiple industries and in a myriad of markets. From healthcare to education to nonprofits and online sales – big data is now not only an important tool but also fast becoming an integral part of any modern business plan.

Jonah Engler is a financial expert from NYC.

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