Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Top 6 Financial Goals for Millennials in 2016

Jonah Engler - Financial Goals for Millennials 2016

There are many young people today that struggle with their finances. With all of the student loans that many people have taken on, it is difficult to prosper financially. However, many people in the millennial generation are trying to improve their financial position. Here are the top six financial goals for millennials in 2016.

Build Savings

One of the most important parts of having a good financial life is savings in the bank. Many people in this generation have little to no savings on which to rely during a crisis. Just one or two thousand dollars can go a long way when it comes to getting out of emergency.

Pay of Debt

One of the biggest issues that many millennials face is the debt that they have. Lots of debt can eat up monthly cash flow no matter how much a person makes. Paying down debt principal can free up cash every month to be used on other purchases.

Make A Plan

There are also many people in this generation group that do not have any financial plans for their future. This is an important part of achieving anything related to finances. Start with a plan and work hard in 2016 to accomplish that plan.

Build Credit

The credit score is one of the most important measures of financial health. In order to buy a home, many people will have to have a credit score of some type. You should start working today building your credit score by taking on loans and paying them off in a timely manner.

Increase Income

A person's income is their number one tool for building wealth over the long term. Anyone that increases their income is going to have an easier time reaching their financial goals. With the internet today, there are a wide variety of activities that anyone can take on in order to earn more money. Start today by searching out sources of income in addition to what you are doing now in your day job.

Reduce Wasteful Spending

There are also many ways in which people waste money each month. One of the best ways to improve your financial situation is to reduce any wasteful spending that you have in your life. This can go a long way over the course of 2016 in improving your financial position.

Jonah Engler is a financial expert from NYC.

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