Tuesday, January 26, 2016

6 Ways to Grow a Career in Business

 Grow a Career in Business by Jonah Engler

The value of any degree ultimately lies in what the degree holder ends up bringing to it. Here are six tips to grow your career in business and make the most of skills your business administration degree has given you.

Growing a Business Infographic by Jonah Engler

1. Consider Horizontal Networking. Oftentimes it can seem that there is an expectation that recent college graduates should be prepared to network with the most senior members of an organization. While this is a perfectly acceptable career strategy some graduates might find it easier to connect with professionals that are in their peer group. As you and your peers grow in your careers together you can share tips for growth and career building opportunities.

2. Invest in Your Mental, Physical And Emotional Well-Being. Transitioning from life as a student to life as a young professional isn’t always easy. As trite as it may sound it is important to develop habits that promote self care. This can mean eating a diet that suits your dietary needs, seeing a life coach or therapist and participating in enriching activities outside of work. Taking care of your overall wellness will ensure that you show up as the best and most effective version of yourself in the workplace.

3. Consider Working For A Small Business or Startup. Part of the frustration of growing your career in business right out of college is not being given enough responsibilty. You can work around that roadblock by working with a small business. Due to their size a position at a small business may require you to work in various parts of the business and allow you to have more input into how the business is run. If you are interested in a small business with a flexible work culture you might consider working for a startup where you could have more opportunities to define your role and be part of a less traditional organizational culture.

4. Consider Freelancing As A Non-Capital Intensive Way Of Learning How To Start And Run Your Own Business. Due to overwhelming changes in the country’s economy, more and more people are turning to freelance and contract work to round out their income. One way of growing your career while earning money is to sell your services to clients as a freelancer. Freelancing will give you a chance to use your skills in business management while starting a small business that will not require a lot of capital.

5. Start A Passion Project That Uses The Skills You’ll Need To Succeed In Your Dream Job. Internet marketing pioneer Seth Godin is a proponent of being proactive when it comes to career development. When college students faced difficulties finding jobs during the recession of 2009, Godin suggested that develop their careers by creating opportunities to use their skills. One way of taking Godin’s advice is to flush out an idea for a passion project that you are naturally enthusiastic about and to link that project to the business skills you most enjoy using.

6. Seek a Graduate Degree In Business With A Specific Goal In Mind. Grad school can often seem like a comprehensive way of answering a question that every recent college graduate is regularly asked: “What are doing after graduation?” Though the choice of applying to graduate school is yours, it is important to consider the costs and benefits associated with seeking a grauduate degree. Graduate education in the United States is expensive. A two-year master’s degree can cost even more than the price tag of your four-year undergraduate degree.

It can be difficult for students pursuing Masters in Business Administration to find scholarships despite the hefty price tags associated with these degrees. The best way to make sure that your investment in a graduate degree is worthwhile is to seek a graduate degree with very specific goals in mind. You should be able to identitfy exactly how the graduate program you are applying to will help grow your business career. Will you be able to concentrate your coursework on a business you want to launch while receiving help from professors that specialize in what your company will do? Does the program have hands-on coursework that speaks exactly to the gap in your skills you are trying to close? These are all good reasons for pursuing a graduate degree and ensuring that that program proves to be valuable to you. All said post-graduate degrees in business can still prove to be a good investment.

Jonah Engler is a businessman from NYC who studies finance and stocks.

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