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Five Career Paths That Are Associated With the Stock Market

 Career Paths with Stock Market by Jonah Engler

A new professional can enter the financial market industry and then make decisions about concentrating on selling shares of stock, trading shares of stock or offering advice to clients. A financial adviser has very important responsibilities because the wrong advice could bankrupt a business or could impoverish a client. The professional could embark on a new career as a stockbroker, a stock trader, an investment adviser, a financial analyst or a stock market analyst.
Jonah Engler - Stock Market Career Infographic


The transactions on a stock exchange must be handled through an authorized source. A stockbroker can buy and sell securities on behalf of clients. The stockbroker has a portal to a stock exchange and is required to comply with all regulations. Only authorized personnel are permitted to use the portal, which protects the integrity of the transactions.

Stock Traders

A stock trader is involved in trading equity securities. The value of the shares of stock can change, which adds an element of risk to the transactions. Money is invested in shares of stock. The investors can earn profits and also experience a capital gain or a capital loss as the value of a share of stock increases or decreases on the stock market.

Investment Advisers

An investment adviser can offer professional advice and recommend investments to clients. An investment banker could connect a company manager with an investor who wants to invest in a business. The adviser is responsible for the quality of his or her advice and could be sued for advising a client to invest in worthless shares of stock.

Financial Analysts

Managers control the financial activity for a business. A financial analyst is responsible for making decisions about financial planning. The decision to offer shares of stock to the public can increase the amount of funds for a company and will also increase the responsibilities for a financial manager. The shares of stock represent a liability for a company and must be controlled according to specific regulations.

Stock Market Analysts

The activity on the stock market is a perplexing phenomenon that can confuse investors. A stock market analyst can perform research, evaluate the types of transactions and also predict trends. The value of a share of stock could increase or decrease. A shareholder can earn dividends, can use the shares of stock as collateral and will only incur a real loss or earn a real profit after the shares have been sold.

Jonah Engler is a financial expert from NYC.

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